No Card Needed

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A few years ago when I was in high school, I worked for the (at the time) second largest grocery chain in America. It was a good job and it sure beat the job I had held before it; cleaning syrup containers at a pancake house. The store’s campaign boasted at the time that there was “No Card Needed”. There were other retailers pushing their loyalty and discount programs that required handing over personal info in exchange for a card that gave you discounts. This store I proudly worked for said no thank you and plastered “No Card Needed” all throughout their stores and advertising.

One day when I arrived at work, I quickly noticed that all the banners claiming “No Card Needed” were gone. I immediately began to ask if we too would soon have a card program. Sure enough, we had one within months. It was painful. It made people mad. We had boasted for so long that everyone paid the same price and no special discount club was needed. Those days were now gone.

They built their customer base by appealing to the crowd that had zero desire to sign up for a loyalty program. And then they did a 180. It cost them loyal customers and untold dollars in sales. It is probably best to build your client base on timeless principles like honestly, integrity, and reliability, like we do here.

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