Staying In Your Lane

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I like the idea of being a handy man. Not as a business venture, but around the house… ya know… to impress my wife. The fact is that while I have may have the proper tools and can find the time, there are simply some things around the house I don’t have the expertise to do. I’ve learned and continue to learn what my limits are. Hanging pictures? Fertilizing the lawn? Putting together furniture with easy and detailed instructions? I’m your guy. Leaks under the sink? No thanks. I’m calling a plumber. No one wants to be the person hitting the pipes under the sink with a hammer. Call a professional.

When I started my business, I sought out someone to handle my branding, marketing, legal, insurance, photography, IT, etc. No, I will not be hiring a bookkeeper or tax professional. Hiring a professional to do what they do best may be expensive, but it is best to hire them from the beginning. It is far more expensive to have a mess cleaned up and then have the problem is fixed.

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